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Welcome to the web page of NORDPRIM - window, door and PVC & aluminium roller blinds manufacturer. Thanks to the highest quality materials, our knowledge and long-term experience, we create robust and durable products adapted to our customers' needs. We work with passion and we do everything we can, so that our activity could reflect our motto – QUALITY FOR YEARS. Please feel free to visit us!

Windows ensure safety and constitute a barrier, which allows you to enjoy home comfort, while observing the beauty of the outside world. They have both aesthetic and practical functions – and these are present in NORDPRIM products, ensuring continuous trust amongst our Clients. Become one of them! We will be happy to help you!

We are always open to cooperation and we are not afraid of any challenges. Do you have any product-related questions? Would you like to get a free offer? Contact Us!

For years, we have been providing the best solutions for the owners of houses, construction companies, and investors. Our wide range of products allows you to adapt them to your projects and destined budget. Contact us, and we will choose the assortment that will meet your requirements.

A house is not just the walls, but also appropriately selected and displayed windows, doors, and blinds. These features impart lightness and the right character to the building, and they guarantee residents the highest level of safety. NORDPRIM specialises in the production of these elements, and our offer will satisfy even the most demanding purchasers.

SCHÜCO Partner

About us

NORDPRIM is a company with long-term experience in manufacturing of plastic and aluminium products, with specialization in windows, doors and roller blinds. Our history reaches 1997 – since then we have gained a stable position on the market, caring for highest quality of our products and constantly looking for new ways for development.

The philosophy of our company is based on the motto: QUALITY FOR YEARS TO COME. We do everything to reflect that motto in our activities. We constantly invest in modern machinery and production devices, we follow modern trends in the industry and we bet on experienced Polish and German suppliers, who provide highest quality materials and components. Our products are characterized by exceptional quality and care for details, which is appreciated by our customers.

The NORDPRIM offer includes both standard solutions meeting any requirements and premium class products adapted to the requirements of energy-saving and passive construction industry. We are a family-based company that includes not only professionals, but also people with passion. We gladly respond to any challenges that require extraordinary approach and combination of experience with innovation. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer!


Our offer includes many PVC products. PVC is a material commonly used to manufacture windows and doors, characterized by low heat permeability and very good quality to price ratio. We use profiles manufactured by SCHUCO, a renowned German company, that ensure exceptional durability and possibility of adapting our products to your individual requirements related to colours, shapes, sizes, design, additions and finishing. Our PVC products have been divided to three product lines.


Our basic product line, that fulfils all EU requirements concerning heat permeability. It is based on standard, five-chamber systems with one-chamber pane and is very popular in the case of windows, doors and sliding systems.


The line dedicated to energy-saving construction. We use six-chamber systems with an additional, intermediate seal that ensures much "warmer" windows. While the Uw heat permeability ratio is 1.3-1 W/(m2·K) in the case of a classic window, Greenline products achieve even 0.8 W/(m2·K).


Best quality energy-saving windows adapted to passive construction that meet the criteria of even most demanding customers. The products in this line achieve lowest heat permeability ratio of o 0.6 W/(m2·K). To obtain best results, in this case we use seven-chamber passive profile systems with triple pressure seal, which guarantees that Redline windows achieve an extremely high standard.


Aluminium is more and more commonly used in construction industry, especially in modern constructions. This is due to its exceptional stability, low heat permeability ratio and high mechanical strength that ensures very high product quality. This material us used in winter gardens, windows and doors based on SCHUCO German company systems.

AWS 70

Characterized by high quality and good parameters related to heat insulation and rich design possibilities. It is a durable and reliable system that can be used in many variants, both for classic windows (opened to the outside) and balcony doors. Perfectly suitable to any modern house.

AWS 75

Meets all requirements concerning the appearance and comfort of use and is characterized by very good insulation and quality. It enables construction of large format windows and the use of rich design palette.

AWS 90

Exceptional durability and many possibilities of shaping windows, also outstanding insulation. It is the first aluminium window system that meets the requirements requirements concerning the passive construction. Proposition for all those who demand highest quality and new technologies.


Properly selected doors give the building a unique character, attract guests' attention and guarantee protection against burglars and unfavourable atmospheric conditions. Our offer includes rich selection of PVC and aluminium doors, perfect for both public utility and commercial buildings. To manufacture them we use Rodenberg and Adeco panels, therefore we have many patterns and colours at our disposal, which enables us adapting them to individual projects or customer's requirements. We also offer three possible variants of door finishing: inserted filling and overlay filling - single- or double-sided. In the case of individual requirements we can also adapt door fittings, beginning with standardized solutions and ending with electronic access systems.


The offer also includes sliding systems for customers who value light and space. Innovative, energy-saving solutions ensure comfort of use and make buildings look exceptional and modern. They enable going from the living quarters to the balcony or terrace and are a perfect solution in the case of winter gardens. There are PVC and aluminium sliding systems in our offer.



Lifting and sliding doors with heat permeability ratio that fulfils energy-saving construction standards. Characterized by a large freedom of design and detail selection, adjusted to the customer's requirements. Possibility of installing two-, three- or four-part version.


The system for demanding customers with exceptionally low heat permeability ratio, conformable with the standard for passive houses. It enables providing modern, architectural solutions and optical increase of living space with exceptionally low energy consumption and low operation costs. Very rich colour and finishing choice.



Durable aluminium sliding and lifting&sliding door system for public utility buildings and higher-class modern residential buildings. Characterized by an interesting appearance and good parameters concerning insulation, water-tightness and protection against break-ins.

ASS 77

Sliding system that enables construction of effective, transparent walls that can be moved manually or with the use of proper mechanisms. Modern solutions used in the system are perfect for both luxury residential buildings and commercial buildings.

Winter gardens

A winter garden not only means more sunlight, but also space that enables contact with nature irrespective of weather conditions. Such constructions not only enable watching the world from the perspective of warm and dry house, when it is cold and snowy or rainy outside. Properly prepared winter gardens also play an energy-saving role, being a buffer zone between the internal and external zone of the building. We make them of PVC and aluminium, caring for precise adaptation with the environment and customer's requirements.


PVC winter gardens enable an additional, charming space that can be used at any time in the year, irrespective of the weather. They can be adapted to any building and are characterized by not only an attractive appearance, but also by durability, perfect resistance to atmospheric conditions and great water-tightness. We have many-year experience in creating such constructions with the use of Schuco and Ultra Frame systems, which guarantees high quality and access to the whole gamut of solutions, colours and shapes, enabling an unlimited freedom.


Aluminium constructions of winter gardens are a good solution for both modern and classic buildings. Rich selection of applications and great flexibility of such solutions enable us execution of even the most demanding projects. Combination of glass and aluminium ensures great visual effects and also guarantees energy savings and good durability.

Roller blinds

Our offer mostly includes shutter boxes mounted at the upper part of the window frame, which basically makes the shutter box a part of the window. To manufacture them we use Exte shutter box systems.

Alukon AK-Flex

Roller blinds, commonly used in the case of both old and new building. AK-Flex shutter boxes are characterized by sides made of styrodur which provide high thermal and acoustic insulation. Those sides form a modular design allowing the shutter box to fit any thickness and construction of the wall. Access to the interior of the box is enabled by inspection hatch, which can be placed inside or outside. Easy in assembly, practical in use, they can be adapted to any type of windows.

Exte Elite

The system that defines the direction for future shutter box development. A proposal for demanding customers, who value high quality and modern solutions. Please note the new idea for an adjustable inspection hole at the bottom, at the back or outside, which enables additional possibilities of assembly and use, ex. façade shutters or external inspection cover in shutter boxes. Interesting, very durable and practical construction.

Mosquito screens

Mosquito screens protect from insects and be assembled on all window systems. In our offer you can find mosquito screens with rolls, mounted directly on the shutter box or fixed in the window frame.


Our roller blinds can be driven in different ways, classically, with the belt and with motors based on modern smart home technologies. Depending on the demand, we use drives with safety sensors and radio-controlled motors. We also can operate them with a remote or with a central level controller, using a mobile phone or tablet. To manufacture we use parts of German Selve company, specialized in design and manufacturing innovative servos and control devices for roller blinds.

Window panes

To manufacture our windows and doors we use high quality windowpanes made by Polish Effect Glass S.A. company that uses advanced technological solutions and has one of the most modern machine fleets in Poland. Depending on the project and individual customer's needs, we use temperature-absorbing windows with lower heat permeability ratios, suitable for energy-saving construction; laminated windowpanes with protective function, much harder to break by burglars; sound-proof windows that muffle external noises, as well as decorative windowpanes with varied ornamentation and colours, that enable proper light effects, ensure greater privacy and can be a decoration.


How to use a window?

Basic functions





Don't turn the handle while sash is open

Additional functions


Stay open sash restrictor

How to maintain safety of use?

For keeping efficiency and reliability of the window functions for many years, and to ensure the safety, the following tips should be preserved./p>

Any other additional burden can't effect on the window sash.

Do not tighten window sash to the frame.

Do not insert any objects between sash and frame.

During a strong wind do not leave sash in opened position.

Stronly latching sash can lead to injuries. When closing the window, do not insert your hand berwen the sash and frame.

In case when children or people with mental disorders can access the window, install an element that blocks unwanted opening of the window.

How to clean your windows after assembly?

Plastic windows are resistant to lime and cement. Fresh contamination can be removed with clean water, while hard putty can be removed by careful knocking with wooden or plastic putty knife. Pieces of putty remaining in fittings and seals interfere with proper window operation, therefore you need to remove it. Special attention should be paid to cleaning drain holes at the bottom window frame. To avoid problems and unnecessary work, before commencing any brickwork the window should be protected with foil.

What should be used for cleaning windows during usual usage?

Window profiles have smooth, easy-to-clean surface, therefore:

  • they should only be washed using household detergents for dishes and plastics (to remove any typical window and seal contamination)
  • particularly hard stains can be removed with a denatured alcohol-soaked cloth
  • for cleaning you should not use any rough and hard materials, that might damage the surface, such as steel sponges, etc.
  • you should not use any solvents that react with plastics (ex. NITRO)

If the measures described above are insufficient to remove the contamination, please contact the window manufacturer or supplier.

How to ensure a long-term operation of a window?

Multi-point locking fixtures are constructed and protected to ensure many-year reliable operation. Good window operation can be ensured by applying small quantities of machine oil onto the moving parts of multi-point locking fixtures (see the picture).

Use grease or oil, available in specialized centers.

Lubrication and technical supervision

How to adjust the window on your own?

The pressure force between the sash and the window frame can be easily adjusted. Special catch construction enables access to all closing places, which makes it possible to adjust even the built-in windows. It is possible to adjust the stay, lower hinge and its support, so it is easy to set the play between the sash and window frame both vertically and horizontally.

Roto NT

Higher / Lowej - Right / Left
(bottom hinge)

(locking cam)

(stay arm)

Right / Left
(stay arm)

Roto NT Designo

Higher / Lower
(bottom hinge)

Right / Left
(bottom hinge)

(bottom hinge)

Right / Left
(stay arm)

(stay arm)

(locking cam)




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